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    DiFiore Construction, Inc. is a fourth generation family owned and operated
    company since 1919.  Primarily a Heavy Highway Construction Company.  Work is
    comprised of N.Y.S.D.O.T Projects, Other Public Works/Municipality Projects, and
    Private Commercial Industrial Projects.

    We Value:

    We are each respondible for providing a safe work environment.  We will take no
    risk that will compromise the well being of our employees, their families or our

    Who except the best of our efforts and recogize that a successful project requires a
    mutual understanding of each others needs.

    Honesty and Integrity
    In dealings with customers and employees.  We expect a fair day's work for a fair
    days pay and know that our customer is entitled to expect the same.

    We encourage a sense of well being and belonging among all who work at
    DiFiore Construction.  An empowered workforce will accomplish our vision and
    satisfy our customer's needs.  No individual in the organization can fulfill our
    mission without the support of all others.

    All employees regardless of race, creed, gender, and national origin, can
    participate in adding value to DiFiore Construction.   They will be given teh
    opportunity to grow personally and professionally and will be treated with respect
    and dignity.
DiFiore Construction, Inc.
155 Pool St. Rochester, New York 14606
Phone: 585.235.2310
Fax: 585.235.6305
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